July 20, 2011

night on bald pate

patey pate is defintely one of the most charming cartoon villains of all time. i love him in the episode "night on bald pate"; voice acting and key animation is simply perfect!
you can watch the entire episode here on youtube.

i copied a few frames tonight just for fun. all the poses are so well done and expressive, i think there is a lot to learn...

what makes an arch villain?
can it be uncaring destiny that it sole to blame or is it merely bad luck?
"i have a message for Mighty Mouse"
i am very grateful to bakshi.

July 15, 2011


while looking at my old sketchbooks, with the intent to scan the things i still like, i found a small rough of a ogre/monster thingie.
then i thought it wouldn't have been a bad idea to redo an old drawing and see the changes in style and technique.
renewed version

palette and rough

this is the old sketch
i am happy of the result even if it came out not as fresh as the older version. a reason can be that lately i'm trying to work more on caricature, asymmetry, variety and negative spaces at the point that my drawings might result factitious or too much charged of details...