October 16, 2011

i finally managed to come out with something new tonight! i had a frustrating art block right after 3 intense months where i have been tremendously busy illustrating a bunch of books for primary school and pre-scholar. the new job doesn't allow me too much freedom nor enough time to put the effort i would. But on the other side i have chance to illustrate books for child education and psycology (subjects i've always loved) while tight deadlines really makes you learn how to be very fast and the value of compromise all over what you do.

however i hope i can work for the animation industry again soon! meanwhile i'm going to start a digital painting  class at CGMA the next october 22th.


T' said...

Congratulations on having a job in illustration! I hope you get more animation work soon, too. Miss seeing your stuff on FA. Best of luck to you!

Stefano Camelli said...

thanks buddy =)