November 20, 2011

CGMA Week 3 and 4

these are my assignments for week 3 and 4 at CGMA, where i  especially focused on material's rendering.
both designs are reworks of things coming from my childhood. i actually had (maybe still i) an old typewriter with which i used to write terrible short adventure stories. owning it, really made me feel a great  writer back then.
at the time i was a real fan of the REAL ghostbusters. i loved the show so much i made myself a couple of handcrafted protopacks using toy parts and scrap. anyhow i rarely played the ghost hunter part since i was the only kid following the show so i often used them to play war.


Elenoir said...

brafo! "uèr du iu live" Ste in questo periodo?

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...


T' said...

Wow! These are all sorts of wonderful! You're progressing in leaps and bounds! Moto bene.