August 13, 2012

CGMA Character Design Classes with Nate Wragg

here is my first 3 weeks of  assignments for the character design animation classes with Nate Wragg at CGMA. i'm having lots of fun, learning many of the basic principles behind the construction of a solid design.

as you might notice, the classes are mostly focusing on how to drive the characters appeal and attitude trough shape language starting from simple shape as triangles, circles or rectangles, making conscious and logical choices on how a certain character should look like given his personality.

that's it for now. hope you readers like my designs! =)


T' said...

Love your designs as always and am really interested to hear about those classes. I saw him advertise but before I could even think of signing up they were full. Is it worthwhile? How much time do you devote to it? Only a month away from Italy. Don't know how much free time I'll have in Firenze but we could try to meet if you wanted. It's ok if you don't want to meet, too.

Stefano Camelli said...

you have the opportunity of watching an artist you admire drawing, you can learn his method and understand the creative process behind his pieces.

The assignments are not heavy but i try to spend all the time available to complete them. with such an opportunity i really want to try out my best.

Let me know if you step nearby florence!

Ciao ciao!

Andrzej Dybowski said...

WOW!!! Stefano these characters are mindblowing. I love all your works but these are really top notch. I was also thinking of taking another course at CGMA but I am short of time nowadays. I hope will find some time to enroll to some course soon.
Keep rocking Stefano and show the world who is the best :)

Mylenn said...

So great designs! I love your style


Loved it! Very inspiring :)