September 10, 2012

color monsters and a small tutorial

didn't expected to came out with an entire monster lineup today during the downtimes at work.

again, Nate Wragg's style simplicity and effectiveness keeps inspiring me lots.

i like the idea to reproduce the feeling of a real drawing in photoshop, so here it is my small guide to how i manage to do it!

here is the plain drawing. just a black rough sketch with a color above it.
selecting "drop shadow" from the fx panel...

... i add a small sharp shadow to make the blue spot look like a paper cut.
with FILTER>BRUSH STROKE>SPATTER i add some randomness to linework and edges. (you have to flatten the image to make this effect work properly)
with FILTER>ARTISTIC>ROUGH PASTELS i add some paper texture and pastel melting (again, the image need to be flatten to make it work as above)
finally i add one of my fav paper textures in normal mode around 20%. and here it is, done! =)
here and here a link to my texture paper. hope you enjoy and find useful this small tutorial!


Andrzej Dybowski said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It's awesome!

Andrzej Dybowski said...
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Manu said...

Sei Bravissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juand Bahamon said...

Thank! this is very helpful.

Andrea Pucci said...

Lavori favolosi! Complimenti!